The application process for all Lorne Park Foundation scholarships is done through The Free Methodist Church in Canada. To apply today, please go to the application page for The Free Methodist Church in Canada.

Lorne Park Foundation Scholarships

Paul and Margaret Ainsworth Scholarship

For students preparing for missionary service in the FMC.

Mary Bass Award

Awarded to the M.Div. student graduating with the highest GPA.

Bowen-Caswell Scholarship

Students preparing for missions.

Dudley H. Brown Scholarship

Students preparing for full-time ministry in The Free Methodist Church in Canada.

Campbell Scholarship

Continuing education for missionaries on furlough.

Coates-Hill Scholarship

Ministerial students, Canada Great Lakes Region.

Ruth Cooper Scholarship

Ministerial students in overseas conferences.

Davey Scholarship

Assist college or seminary students of The Free Methodist Church in Canada who are preparing for Christian service.

Leslie A. Freeman Scholarship

Assist qualified students in pursuing higher education with an emphasis on training for lay service.

Claude A. Horton Award
For Leadership

Ministerial student demonstrating leadership.

Mainse Scholarship

Continuing education for ordained or lay persons.

Reid Scholarship

Missionary training and internship.

Shier Award

Awarded to the college or university graduate with the highest GPA.

Shillington Scholarship

Students preparing for missionary service.

Sigsworth Scholarship

Intercultural professional development for Canadian Free Methodist pastors serving in multi-ethnic congregations.

Donald Lloyd Snider Scholarship

For students preparing for youth ministry in the FMC.

William D. White Chaplaincy Scholarship

FMC ministerial students pursuing career chaplaincy.

Apply for Scholarships

The application process for all scholarships from Lorne Park Foundation is through The Free Methodist Church in Canada.



One of the core values of Free Methodist churches in Canada is learning. We seek to mature those who desire to grow in their Christian faith. Also, developing future leaders is critical to fulfilling our national church mission.
Having these values, faithful visionaries during earlier phases of our Canadian church established educational support programs, which have now become a centralized program for awarding scholarships to attend approved schools. These are funded both by the national church and by auxiliary, legacy funds derived from college endowments.

Leadership Scholarship Plan

The Leadership Scholarship Plan (LSP) was initiated by Lorne Park Foundation and is funded jointly with the Free Methodist Church in Canada, to provide financial assistance to students pursuing post-secondary education in approved schools. The LSP program is administered through the FMCiC office.

Apply for Scholarships

Annual deadline for applications October 15