About Lorne Park Foundation


Lorne Park Foundation exists to support Free Methodist churches in Canada in the education and training of pastors and lay leaders.


Lorne Park Foundation (LPF) was established when Lorne Park College was closed in 1966.

Lorne Park College was a Christian High School and College operated from 1924 to 1966. The purpose of Lorne Park College was to provide general education to young people in a Christian environment. There was a focus on helping students to train for full-time Christian service.

Lorne Park College was located in Port Credit, Ontario (now part of Mississauga). It was established by the Free Methodist Church, which has been committed to providing high quality education for both its pastors and other leaders.

Beginnings of the Foundation

When Lorne Park College closed in 1966, the campus assets were sold and used to establish the Lorne Park Foundation. Since 1966, the LPF has been providing financial assistance to those pursuing Christian education.

More than 2,000 individuals have received financial assistance from LPF through special scholarships and the Leadership Scholarship Plan of the Free Methodist Church in Canada.


The Lorne Park Foundation has its financial base from the assets of Lorne Park College and from many individuals who have made significant bequests and memorial scholarship donations to the foundation.