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Continuing Education for Pastors and Lay Leaders

The Bastian Chair of Wesley Studies - Professorship at Tyndale

Local Church Discipleship Training

Lorne Park Foundation

Lorne Park Foundation is principally focused on training leaders for Canadian Free Methodist churches so they can serve more effectively in the kingdom of God.

Lorne Park Foundation believes that providing scholarships and educational support funding to pastors and lay leaders is important so they are able to receive high-quality education.

Lorne Park Foundation co-operates closely with The Free Methodist Church in Canada in the development of pastors and leaders.

New Pastor Training

Lorne Park Foundation provides scholarships for seminary and other advanced studies. For many, these scholarships may determine whether or not a student can attend.

Additionally they can mean that graduates are not overwhelmed with a burden of debt, enabling them greater freedom to proceed into the ministry to which God is calling them.

Leadership Development

Lorne Park Foundation believes strongly in the ongoing development of people already serving as pastors and lay leaders in The Free Methodist Church in Canada. We provide scholarships for pastors and leaders for part-time or full-time seminary courses and other continuing education opportunities.

Wesley Chair

A Chair of Wesley Studies was created for teaching Wesleyan theology at Tyndale University, Toronto. The Donald N. & Kathleen G. Bastian Chair of Wesley Studies is supported by four denominations in Canada who share a Wesleyan heritage – Free Methodist Church, Church of the Nazarene, Salvation Army and The Wesleyan Church.

Lorne Park Foundation plays an important role in managing this cooperative activity.

Presently the professorship of the Wesley Chair is held by Dr. James Pedlar, BA Queen’s University, MDiv Wycliffe College (University of Toronto), PhD University of St. Michael’s College (University of Toronto). His areas of specialization are Wesleyan theology, ecclesiology, unity and diversity in the church, renewal and reform movements.

Education in Local Churches

Lorne Park is working with local churches to assist them with outsourced online discipleship training. We are interested in being a part of helping all people in the church learn about serving Christ more effectively.

Support Lorne Park

Lorne Park Foundation is well-positioned through its endowment funds to fulfill its mandate to provide education and training. With your help, we can continue to provide generous scholarships for existing and future leaders. With your help, we can also expand our scholarships.

Monthly Donors

Your monthly donations will help ensure we can continue to have a generous scholarship program.

One Time Donations

Your one-time donations are a part of how we can make a difference in the next generation.

Planned Giving

You can make a legacy gift to support Lorne Park Foundation after you are gone from this earth.

Special Gifts

For establishing a memorial scholarship or making other types of special gifts.


Time and again, I am arrested by gratitude when I think about the fact I have been able to pursue higher education. If it was not for the generous donations of those who contribute to the Lorne Park Scholarship fund, and those who manage said funds, none of what I have been able and hopefully will accomplish by God’s grace would be possible.

Cathleen Getchell

I am grateful to Lorne Park and how it has impacted and influenced me and my family. I’m also grateful for how Lorne Park is helping to make education possible and affordable for present and future pastors.

Vic Stonehouse

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